Core Values

We believe that we are not meant to live life alone but rather within a community of believers. Epoch Church has been and will continue to be solely built on relationships through Christ. There are opportunities for this within our corporate gathering, family groups, girls and guys groups, or just simply spending time with one another throughout the week.
In order to have real intimacy within this community, we must be authentic about what is going on in our lives. This means talking about our struggles and allowing them to be brought to light so we can help each other deal with them. However difficult this may be, we know that only true community happens when we are transparent and allow the Lord to work in our lives.
One of the things you will first notice about Epoch is the simplicity of things. We strive to keep what we do simple. We believe that when we are truly living in an authentic Christ-centered community, building relationships and living life together, we are fulfilling many needs that another ministry would focus on. Our main three focuses are the corporate gathering, small groups, and missions.
We believe experiencing and living out a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing in a church. We believe that salvation is a process. So an ongoing, deep relationship with God must be a part of your life. All of our gatherings are focused on this and we strive to meet people where they are and help them continue their journey with the Lord.
Our church loves to serve! We love getting our hands dirty and working for someone in need. We believe that the Lord has blessed us in so many ways that serving someone should be a natural overflow.
We desire to work with, not only other churches within downtown Little Rock, but other non-profit organizations as well. Though we may not have the funds to have our own homeless shelter, soup kitchen, etc., we do have a number of organizations we proudly work with to help meet those specific needs.
We believe that our community of believers should reflect the community around us. Diversity in race, origin, and background are things we strive for at Epoch. We believe that diversity helps stretch and teach us about God’s character and His work throughout our city and world.
Along with diversity, creativity is something that is very noticeable throughout the SoMa District. We too are blessed to have a number of great musicians and artists within Epoch and we desire to show Christ through the talents and gifts the Lord has given us.
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