At Epoch, membership is about commitment. The reason we refer to membership as a “commitment” is because we see joining a church as more than just a sign up sheet. The five elements mentioned below are a simple way of looking at what it means to be a committed member of Epoch. In order to become a committed member, each person meets with the leadership to hear the vision and to discuss these elements. If you are interested in becoming a committed member, please contact us. We would love to tell you more about how to “be a part” and “play a part” in our community.

We are committed to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Scripturally, this relationship is not only initial, but also continual. In response, the committed are encouraged to share their testimony with Epoch’s leadership, as well as following Christ in scriptural baptism.
We are committed to Biblical training through corporate worship and small groups.
We are committed to being a church that serves through the giving of our time, both individually and corporately. Individually, we seek out ways to serve using the abilities and gifts God has given us. Corporately, we will plan out and implement opportunities to serve in downtown Little Rock, as well as other parts of our state, nation, and world.
We are committed to trusting God with our lives, as well as our resources. As cheerful givers, we willingly give of our firstfruits and offerings to the Lord.
We are committed to the truth that is Jesus Christ and His Word. We declare that the Bible, God’s Holy Word, is the source by which Epoch Church is led.
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